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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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states. then, efforts by house republicans in the white house to adopt the most significant changes to the tax code since 1996. >> do not like the laws that we are charged to enforce that they should have the courage and skill to change those laws. otherwise they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines. ♪ this is washington journal for april 19. that was homeland security secretary john kelly in a speech that took on opponents of dhs and its immigration enforcement. hour we want to get your thoughts on secretary kelly's statement.
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our deportation laws in the of a legislative change from congress? do you support homeland security and its efforts on these matters? (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8000 democrats. independents. undocumented3 people. you can post on our facebook page. this is the washington times. mr. kelly said he is fed up with calls from lawmakers complained that his officers are unfairly targeting airline passengers because of their race or religion. with chiding from advocacy groups upset because he has unleashed his agents to enforce the laws on the booksreligion. in everything from marijuana to immigration, all my insecurity
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years.kled in recent it's the immigration and border missions that have drawn the part ofus in the early the trump administration. that speech took place in washington, d.c. if you want to give us thoughts on the idea of legislative changes needed to immigration if you think support for the agency should just happen, (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8000 democrats. independents. for those of you who are undocumented, (202) 748-8003. the immigration group america's
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voice posted something on their website after the secretary's comments. this is frank sherry been quoted saying we are not going to shut up. we live in a democracy, secretary kelly. our taxes pay your salary and you are accountable to the people who make up our nation. telling us to shut up and support the men and women on the front lines is not how it works, even in the trunk era. the constitution gives us all the right to be heard and argue for what is right in the nation we love. you were supposed to be one of the adults in the room. we will hear from danny this morning in west virginia. what did you think about the secretaries a statement -- secretary's statement? >> this isn't about illegal
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immigrants. it's about filling up private prisons. jeff sessions the attorney general, the obama administration said they were no longer going to use private prisons for federal prisoners and as soon as they got in they announced that not only were they going to go back and use private prisons but they were going to need tens of thousands of new cells. it's another way for them to channel federal tax dollars into the pockets of donors to the republican party. host: are legislative changes needed to immigration laws? caller: they better. most of the things in this country from dairy farming to fruit harvesting, it's going to be a catastrophe this year. no one is going to be working in the fields. host: what do you think about general support for homeland security? been a i think it has joke from day one.
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they provide security, they put on a big show of providing security at airports. for don't check the cargo bombs. they don't block access to the runways. been a show to convince the american people they are actually doing something to make america safer when in reality they are not. more from thear homeland security secretary talking about the work of dhs and support it receives. >> for too long the men and women in my department have been political pawns. they have been asked to do more with less and less. they are often ridiculed and insulted by public officials and frequently convicted in the court of public opinion on unfounded allegations testified to by street lawyers and street
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spokespersons. if lawmakers do not like the laws that we enforce that we are charged to enforce that we are sworn to enforce the nation of the courage and the skill to change those laws. otherwise they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines. [applause] my people have been discouraged from doing their jobs for nearly a decade. disabled by pointless bureaucracy and political meddling and suffered disrespect and contempt by public officials who have no idea what it means to serve. host: you heard the secretary to changes's message was the laws on immigration or shut up about the work of the agency. your thoughts on these comments and the larger issues at play. we will your next from jay from arlington, virginia. caller: good morning.
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i appreciate your program. making theto --igration issue something for example when they go to places of employment and round people up, why not put a towards thesure actual business itself. if you can prevent all of the illegal immigration and all of the dangers and things like that there, instead of making it the employee as a problem, why not find the employer something like $10,000 per person per day for where it is absolutely prohibitive for your business to even higher people. of thehat is one legislative changes you think congress needs to make when it comes to targeting employers? caller: absolutely.
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instead of going to a meat processing place and rounding up 200 or 300 people why not make it so the meat processor is fined for every employer they have there. therefore no person would ever take that risk and be labeled as a pariah company. people are just trying to get a job. they are getting hired. they are getting paid. they are getting taxed. we are making them the problem as opposed to the company that is probably not treating them right and not giving them the benefits they need and driving down wages for everybody. this pointet into where we are saying immigrants are the problem. all they are doing is going to work like everybody else. steve on twitter says, mr. kelly needs to realize that he and his officers do not have free reign. we still have a constitution.
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gloria from maryland on the democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. by kelly'sd statement but i shouldn't be. dumpty'slike trumpty america. this is a democracy. we are not going to shut up. god bless america's voice. this nearly 80-year-old totally blind individual became homeless after the first time i went on the air against trumpty fumpty. dumpty. we are going to demand that people like mr. kelly check his arrogance at the curb and servanthe is a public
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and our roads pay his salary. if he can forget all about us that he has been voted into the office, we will remember all of these turkeys the next time we vote. we're not going to shut up. we're going to show up and get un of this russia like democracy. host: in california, republican line. caller: i'm kind of confused. i really don't understand the problem with enforcing laws that are already on the books and i don't really understand the problem. host: how so? caller: why's everybody mad that they are going to do their jobs? i feel sorry for the people that are here illegally. i think there should be some
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sort of amnesty across the board. i also think treating lawmakers and enforcers especially the ice people -- they have a job to do and people are griping about it. i think it's terrible. host: what about the idea makes changes to the law or be quiet about the work of the agency and the criticism of it? caller: i think it's fine to criticize the agency and i think it's rude to say shut up actually, that's terrible. i don't understand the hostility. everyone is mad about everything. the immigration thing, there's people that you can't just put them on a train and send them to their country that they came from. there's people that are hurting out there. citizens or not. there should be some sort of amnesty for the people that are good and doing what they should be doing and love this country. if you don't love this country and you are going to commit
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crimes here, you can just go home. go back. host: in sarasota, florida. independent line. the only topic that i can agree with donald trump. i meet him halfway. obama deported 1.2, 1.5, nobody makes a fuss. donald trump does almost the same thing. god for bid he does that. he's trying to follow the law. it's on the books for god's sake. those people that broke the law know darn well they came here illegally. what do you expect. what do you think is going to happen. they are going to arrest me, right?
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to expect something. they know they are breaking the law and they are still coming. --n obama deported people people come back. because they have no respect as immigration law. deported they get they wipe theirewidd butt. dreameryoung person, a who was deported under the obama administration said president u.s. customs approached and started asking questions. he was twice granted the
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protection -- deportation protection. he had left his wallet in a friend's car so he couldn't his id and told by agents he couldn't retrieve them. he was back in mexico. that story prompted a tweet that was sent out by representative steve king of iowa. the first non-valedictorian dreamer deported. border patrol. this one is for you. beer frommug of representative steve king. the next to keith in los angeles. caller: hello. i think they should raise the minimum wage. regarding the undocumented person, about 98% of them are law-abiding people unless they got some negative background.
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why not just give them a fine and a road to citizenship? probably have invested in goods and services over $1 billion. it seems like a very simple situation. you are saying legislative changes are in order. caller: yeah. to bring about justice. riverside, california. independent line. to me trump is doing a great job and he's going by the laws of the land. you have to go by the laws of the land, people. i don't care what you are. democrat, republican. whatever. we have to go by the laws of the land and get along. and if you change the laws that's what's going on. thank you. host: as far as support for the agency -- he's gone.
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bill in oklahoma. caller: hello. was just agreeing with the last caller. people in a lawless the land and lawless politicians. i agree with the one individual who said these employers should be fined with heavy fines. this is a big problem. they drive down our wages. 1970's thein the company i work for sent vans to el paso to get the workers. this is evil to the uttermost. lawsld like to see these in. the ones we have on the books. like to see the food to wheres changed seniors didn't have to make up the difference. host: as far as the secretary's
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stayed on immigration, do you agree that there should be no criticism of the work the dhs does? caller: i agree. they don't need the law changed. they need a people change. the administration, those that have been administrating these laws are the ones that should be in jail. they are the ones that should be fined heavily also. the refusal to enforce our laws is criminal. anyway that's all i need to say today. host: harold is up next in illinois. go ahead. caller: good morning, c-span. i think we are going about this all the wrong way. it seems to me that we go after the immigrants when we should go after the employers. maybe like our drug laws if you get caught with drugs in your
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car they can confiscate your car. maybe they can confiscate your business if you get caught with immigration violations. i think instead of building a billions ofere for dollars, if we enforce the laws of the company cannot hire immigrants, you cannot rent a house to an immigrant, if they got no place to sleep and it got no place to work, they are not going to come up here. we don't need a big old wall. it seems we go after the little guy instead of going after the big guy in this country. host: there are some of the statements you have heard regarding secretary kelly's speech from yesterday to legislators. he says the message of either change the immigration laws or shut up as far as enforcement work that is done by dhs. we want to see if you agree or disagree with those concepts or you believe criticism of the
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agency is necessary. republicans.1 (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8002 independents. undocumented3 people. the special election that took place in georgia in that district being watched by people who watch politics very closely. ossoff failed to score an upset victory. the 30-year-old investigative filmmaker named for an outright win in the race. if. as republican counterattack joined by president donald trump appears to have kept him under
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50%. a democratic victory would have been an embarrassing defeat in a district held by decades for republicans and republicans downplayed the implications, saying he benefited from a cocktail of money, national attention and enthusiasm that is nearly impossible to replicate. will takef race place. the president himself responding ,n a tweet after the election saying despite major outside money, fake media support and 11 republican candidates, big winn in georgia. glad to be of help. that prompted a response saying i can see why the president is confused here. in his election the person with the most votes was not the winner. let's go back to the
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conversation about the secretaries of statement on immigration. republican line from new york. thanks for waiting. go ahead. he was saying 52,000 americans died of a drug overdose in this country since 2015. that's a lot of people. that's a lot of drugs coming into this country. those guys in maryland at that high school that raped that 13-year-old girl. your defense attorney wants to think they came here from ecuador to learning russian high school. they are targeting high school kids and they are dying of a drug overdose. wants to do is get these people out of here. enough is enough. 52,000 kids that died of an overdose, all of their families. the drugs are ridiculous. we cannot afford not to put up that wall. we have to protect americans. let's get the bad guys out of here.
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have a good day. twitter says, maybe it's time to admit that dhs encompasses too many agencies and departments and cannot possibly do a good job with all. from ashburn, virginia. he was once illegal. go ahead. caller: hi. i have been in this country for 15 years. for about eight years i was an illegal alien. just trying to make it in this country. the man's comments about the agency, it's true. he has been a political football for the democrats and republicans. they just want votes. they keep this issue going every four years.
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to use it as a political issue to help them get into office. he shouldn't forget they have the house and the senate right now. if they want to change it, he should get to his people and have them change it. otherwise he cannot tell the american people to shut up. host: can i ask how you came to be a former illegal and now legal? caller: you have to go through the process. there are a few ways you can go and gainhe process your papers. marrying an american citizen or maybe if you have a family or relative that can help you out that is the only way. there is no other way. it's true the laws need to be changed.
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i can tell you that most illegals come here not because they want to come here and commit crimes or they don't respect the laws. of the here because success we have back home. all the listeners today i can promise none of them came to this country because we don't respect the laws. as people that are here illegally most people don't really want citizenship. is to legalize reform so they can work and probably go back to their country. changed andd to be help those who are here illegally and are not committing crimes and those that are committing crimes i support donald trump. they need to be shipped back. you can introduce your
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perspective. (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8000 democrats. (202) 748-8002 independents. for those that are illegal immigrants, (202) 748-8003. let's hear from charles in colorado. independent line. caller: good morning. i just wish that people before they comment on all of this immigration with start studying the facts and looking at the realistici just wish that viewsm statistical point. immigrants that come here illegally are coming on green cards and legally flying in and just overstaying. they say let's build the wall to keep the drug people out.
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you should see the drug boats. they will get drug boats in here. they will just go around the wall or under it. ofwill spend billions dollars on a wall that will be completely ineffective and i don't even think they are going to do it. i think marco rubio had the right point of the verifying system. that does orce anyone else. it has to be put on the american people. , i'm deportingt as many bad people as i can and we can't even handle that. we don't have the money to deport 11 million people. and we can't do it. we can at least have these people accountable for our nation and make sure the jobs they are doing is legal and put the onus back on the business owner to make sure these people are verified.
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cnbc reporting this morning there was a meeting that was supposed to take place in the white house about if the united states will commit to the paris climate deal. it was canceled. the president's top advisers including the energy secretary rick perry and scott pruitt were scheduled to meet. was canceled because some of the principles are traveling today. the meeting will be rescheduled no date has been set. the accord that was agreed on by nearly 200 countries in paris the unitedd in 2016
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states committed to reducing its emissions from 2005 levels by 2025. from georgia, independent line. caller: good morning. after katrina, i was sitting in a restaurant down there in slidell, louisiana where there was nowhere else to eat. they had a banquet room. there was 15 20 boys up in there. one of them was boisterous. he was talking about how they were going to have this wonderful business model where they bring 60 mexicans in at a time on a bus and they could bring 10 buses a day. for their charge them hard hats, work boots, transportation, storage and that was all done under the george w. bush administration. that was strictly to supply them factories and such with workers and when you get right down to
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it they are just using these folk. and unless you can shut down the folks that does this on a commercial basis you are not going to do anything about it. host: are you saying that laws need to be changed specifically to that? caller: the whole dog on thing is finagled by the system. it isn't individual folks that's doing wrong. it's the dog on companies that abuse them. the people that exploit them. they pay their taxes and never get any benefit from them. their money.g sticking them in jails. charging the taxpayers for keeping them up. it's exploitation of the taxpayer. host: let's hear from dust and in west virginia.
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caller: they showed a picture of beer king saying have a for the dhs for supporting -- deporting some kid who had been here since he was nine years old . that's not right. host: what do you think about his message to the congress, change the laws regarding immigration or keep quiet about criticism of the agency? they don't do nothing. none of them get along. accomplish everything and they've been working on immigration 15 years. host: wall street journal has a story taking a look at efforts by the white house administration when it comes to migrant crime.
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the trump administration tuesday pressed its case that immigrants are helping fuel the crime wave. president donald trump, jeff sessions and secretary kelly all promoted a crackdown on illegal immigration they said that would improve public safety. it was early tuesday that mr. trump said on twitter the week illegal immigration policies allowed that ms 13 gangsta form in cities across the u.s. is an international gang made up largely of immigrants from el salvador that has been operating since the 1980's. police suspected ms 13 members
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murdered four men last week and lastd two teenage girls year according to mr. sessions. go ahead. you are on. caller: i take a historical view. i looked at the problem of mexicans. howid how out and earth -- hirehey get the right to those people, bring them into the country, keep them here, keep hiring them even though they don't have proper papers? my historical view is that whites in this country have never gotten over slavery. work where do free they have no profit at all, the business owner gets all the profit.
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i think whites and especially large businesses are used to doing things the way they want to do it. and getting all the profit. have a slave mentality in this country and business people have always run things like we are just one big plantation and whatever free labor they can get they get it. homeland security secretary john kelly in a speech yesterday challenging critics of the administration, telling them to shut up when it comes to criticism and asking congress if laws need to be changed to change those. the washington post story says kelly's first days in office have been dominated by the legal and political fights over president trump's executive order barring visitors from muslim countries and the efforts to increase deportations of
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undocumented immigrants. after the executive order was declared unlawful, a second version is on hold. making these comments in washington, d.c. yesterday, here's john kelly. for too long the men and women of my department have been political pawns. they have been asked to do more with less and less. similar to the treatment suffered by law enforcement over the last few years. they are frequently ridiculed and convicted in the court of public opinion. if lawmakers do not like the the natione enforce have the courage and skill to change those laws.
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otherwise they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines. [applause] my people have been discouraged from doing their jobs for nearly a decade. disabled but pointless bureaucracy and political meddling and suffered disrespect and contempt by public officials who have no idea what it means to serve. of the statements from john kelly yesterday. you can see them on their website. we are inviting you to give your comments on our phone lines this morning about this idea. we will hear from carlos in phoenix, arizona on the line for those who say they are illegally in the country. hello. caller: hello.
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i did had a comment in regard to this topic. oldest trick for politicians. they just continue lying to the to keepnd pretending them hooked just like the drugs they are running on the street. i can tell you this for sure. illegal immigration issue when i came here illegally, i continued paying taxes. although i worked, i don't have a social security number. i have my social security number that was issued by the social security office in order for me to pay taxes. is not just like the regular social security number that all americans have, i continue working and i continue paying taxes. work but i've got to do what i've got to do in order to support my family. host: how long have you been in
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the country? caller: for about 20 years. host: are you with the kind -- your family? what country did you come from? caller: from the caribbean. from haiti. host: are you worried about being deported? caller: no, because in reality if you don't do the wrong thing you don't get in trouble. as long as you continue doing the right thing you will not get deported. something the politician always run up and down by telling the people that illegal immigrants are here to do drugs, doing crime. the ones who just clean the backyards. we are the ones who build your houses. we are the ones who clean up the street and all of that. have the status of illegal immigrants does not mean that we don't have the .ight to be where we at
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yes, it might be illegal, but the fact is that we are contributing. i can speak english. in oncause i just learned the street. i studied. and many other people do. the fact that many people get tricked by the government by just telling them that illegal immigrants are here to sell drugs, to do the wrong thing. and that is not true. when drug is consumed by the majority of the people who are just telling the lie. host: we will hear next from steve on the republican line. good morning. i just listened to the gentleman. and i'm listening to him, and its aim menagerie. secretary kelly said something correct yesterday. laws,ple don't like the
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change them. follow the laws on the books. light, in a traffic get a ticket. this man jumps the fence, he gets food stamps, he gets free health benefits. he gets housing. this is wrong. it's come to a point. that's why mr. trump won. ends of playing both the sticks. the democrats want the votes and the republicans keep them here because they want to get the workers. this is illegal. i don't understand the word illegal. i rob a bank, i go to jail. these people jumping fence, they commit crimes, they come back, beat, mexico is the third-largest oil producer in the world. there is no reason for these people to come here from mexico. they produce so much oil. where is all that money going?
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into corruption? this is ridiculous. is the line to call for undocumented people. emmanuel from maryland. go ahead. he is gone. virginia. democrat line. caller: good morning. i think the problem with is actually every nationality you can name. i work in a doctors's office where we see people all the time there is. nation they have no social. but they have jobs. the big problem is corporations and i saw it years ago with construction companies hiring a lot of illegal people from mexico, el salvador and paying them low wages.
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and saying they don't work there when they get hurt. they were smart enough to keep their paperwork so i could call the and let them know that person does have paperwork saying they work with you. and recently i had a patient in arlington same thing. in to payer called his bill and didn't want to give us worker's comp. because they knew it was illegal. when i said i was going to send the police there all of a sudden the next day the money comes express mail. problemest is with companies in the u.s. they want cheap labor. the form of slavery. -- a form of slavery. host: looking at what's going on when it comes to potential changes to the affordable care act. a meeting with white house -- at
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the white house with insurers took place. most pressingr concern, the instability of the individual market created by uncertainty of funding according to a statement from one of the main industry trade groups. white house officials said tuesday mr. trump had not made a final decision on whether the administration should withhold subsidies from insurance companies next year. while the obama administration , housee subsidies republicans argued that payments made by the executive ranch were unconstitutional. the next court date is may 22.
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katie from texas. she says the family is here illegally. good morning. i personally have illegal immigrants in my family. i married into a large hispanic family. i absolutely have no problem with people coming here to find a better life. but like my father-in-law says who is a major republican and who did come over here illegally , lawyer is spelled the same way in english as it is in spanish. pairme here with an extra of drawers and a jug of water. sat in front of an immigration office until he could get his paperwork straight. i am completely independent.
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i don't hang one side or the other really. when people are talking about rapists and drug lords being in america, i just don't see the majority of these immigrants being evil like that. most of these people are coming over here just to find a better life. have you ever been to mexico? not only that, everyone is freaking out on the mexicans. everyone is worried about building a wall to mexico and everything like that. what we need to be worried about our people from the middle east. all i have to say. thank you. host: the washington post takes a look at mike pence's trip to asia talking about trade issues when it comes to japan and south korea.
7:45 am
adding the message, we seek trade that is free. although the tone was friendly , decidedlyeeting different ideas about where their trading relationship should go. mike pence said yesterday that the tpp is a thing of the past. the united states trade deficit with japan stood at $69 billion last year. susan from kentucky on the republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call and bring the voices of the people to america.
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i think there are so many issues with us and the people calling in have touched upon many of them. the employers do not have an adequate e-verify system. air -- e-verify system allows illegal immigrants to purchase false papers. and by the time a small business gets the information back that it's not a correct social security or whatever they let the people go and someone sells them some new papers. this is not the rule of law. they are supposed to abide by the law. theyr as overstaying after come, that is a violation of the law. we need to do something that allows us to open our hearts to people. at the same time maintain laws and does not criticize the individuals who work for our government and enforce the laws. host: how do you find that
7:47 am
balance? balance hasink the to be done through dialogue. we can't tell them to shut up. i don't think he was as rude as the media makes it sound. i think we have to talk about the laws legitimately. we are a democratic country does it. far as the laws are concerned, starting with what? that answer iad would probably be a politician. let's immigration. where would you start? caller: we have to start withhere with congress dialogue and quit calling each other names. we have to remember we are all americans. we are dependent on many of these wonderful people who come from other countries. i don't know the dialogue. we have a government. that's where the dialogue is supposed to be.
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we have to help by not name-calling and trying to talk about ideas. host: as far as potential changes would you advocate for a path to citizenship or streamline the process of changing from illegal to legal? i think that may have to happen. i think the problems have been stated in various media that it sends a message that sneak in and we will make it ok. if you had someone speaking in your home at night you wouldn't want to later make it ok for the next one to come. that has to be tempered. justice has to be tempered with mercy. and exactly how takes some doing. a lot of these people probably shouldn't -- somebody has proposed sending them back and giving them the right to file
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and wait in line. i like the lady who said her mexican father-in-law came and sat at the office until he got his papers. this was a man determined to be legal. e-verify doesn't give them enough access to information to find out which documents are fraudulent and i think people that come in the country and use fraudulent documents are not following rules law. int: let's hear from bert portland, oregon. no one can come here and work illegally unless somebody hires them illegally. we don't hear about that in the news. i think your connection broke off. the new york times on its front page takes a look at statements
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from the white house concerning the activity of aircraft carriers in the vicinity of north korea and what they were doing there. just over a week ago the white house declared that ordering an american aircraft carrier into the sea of japan would send a powerful deterrent signal to north korea. we are sending an armada, the president said on fox news last tuesday afternoon. the problem was that the carrier and three other warships were sailing in the opposite direction. white house officials said they had been relying on guidance from the defense department. officials describe a glitch ridden sequence of events.
7:51 am
all of which perpetuated the false narrative that a flotilla was racing for the waters off south korea. diana from maryland, republican line. you're next. caller: yes. i just have a quick comment. understand why people don't understand the word illegal. when i was born i had to get a birth certificate. i had a birth certificate. i got a social security number. and these people are coming over which were supposed to be actually -- having troops there to keep these illegal immigrants out. i just don't understand how these people are coming in .nflux here and getting jobs not having proper documentation. any job i ever had i had to put
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down my social security number, my address, whatever. i just don't understand why people don't understand what illegal means. to get them out, there shouldn't be a waiting period. illegal, the law should fail to ship them right on back. not two weeks, not two months, not two years. these illegal immigrants are having children here which is not fair to the children. they are also illegal. and the whole family should have to be sent back. that's all i have to say. from jackie in manassas, virginia. married myfather mother was an american citizen. my father was a french citizen in the 1950's. he came here, realized he couldn't get a government job without security clearance to be an engineer unless he had
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citizenship social joined the american military for three years and got his citizenship through selective service for three years. what i don't understand is why we don't take folks who have come here illegally and provide them with that opportunity to serve their country. they don't have that system anymore. we have people who have actually died in iraq and afghanistan who were not citizens who fought for us and then they don't get it is an ship. -- citizenship. the measure of your fealty tear country is to go out and fight -- your country is to go out and fight a war for them. we are not why creating programs for that path to citizenship where people pay their debt to society. and have this e-verify system. pour some money into that instead of into splitting up
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families at the border. because most of the time they are coming here because of economic reasons or because they are afraid of getting killed in their own country. we have to meet people's needs when they come here. because they are going to come here. stickier head in the sand and say they are -- we are just going to throw them back. they come back. likead of telling people kelly told people, shut up and create some laws, on the one hand it's disrespectful. on the other hand, he is sort of right. congress, do your job. create a system that doesn't thatt the localities creates a way for corporations to have the labor that they don't exploit. because that's the reason they bring them here.
7:55 am
crops are rotting in the fields and farmers are having a fit because they can't import cheap labor. they got what they wanted. fox news preparing to cut ties with bill o'reilly according to people close to the situation after revelations that he and 21st century fox settled multiple sexual-harassment complaints which led to a next this of advertisers from the show. a final resolution on the fate of mr. o'reilly could come in the next several days. 21st century fox has not finalized and exit agreement with him. really denied any wrongdoing saying he paid settlements to put to rest any controversies to spare my children. the wall street journal also -- let's hearhat from market in pennsylvania. republican line. good morning.
7:56 am
i live in a really highly immigrant community right outside of philadelphia and i get a good experience with the immigrant community. they are very hard-working people. they are not all criminals. we have to also look at the people are upset about with the immigrant community. there are people that commit crimes and we can't even create -- agree to say let's get of those people. the other thing i find with the immigrant community is they don't really a simile well. they don't come over here learning the language quick aough and it part -- puts burden on the school system. we have two different languages when we have a parent teacher meeting. it seems a little offensive to me that they are in the country and they can't learn the language at least. i have people who work for me that we believe are legal to we
7:57 am
are not sure how we are supposed to tell if they are legal. i don't even know what a green card looks like. he has a driver's license but you never know. when they send money back to their country we lose so much tax revenue and economic power because they are just sending billions and hundreds of billions of dollars back to their country to help their families which is a nice gesture they are not taxed. they don't pay state tax. they don't pay sales tax. they don't pay federal tax. a lot of them work as laborers and they are very hard-working people but they are not paying the taxes like we do as american citizens. they should think change that if you are born here you are a citizen. i think if you are born here of legally immigrated people than you are a citizen. if i went to a foreign country and had a baby there that doesn't make me a citizen.
7:58 am
and wet all the benefits are paying for that and we feel like we are being taken advantage of. i feel those issues are something we can address. host: is here from mark in arizona on the democrats line. caller: they don't get anything. if they can get a number they can use. andyou are getting a check the deductions are being made and they are using your number and the seductions are being taken out, they are never going to collect those benefits. then i'll like to go to the hospital. at all like to put themselves out in any way because they are they'reraid -- afraid going to be exposed and be in trouble. they don't go for food stands or unemployment. they never use any of those benefits. they just use the number to look like a legal worker. host: one more call. this is bob on the republican line. whyer: i'm just wondering
7:59 am
do people get licenses when they are not legal citizens anyway in illinois? declare a state a sanctuary state you are also breaking the law by protecting these people. somebody breaks in my house i'm not going to give them freedom to live off my money and take my job away. the politicians should go to jail just like they do when they break the law. a series of guests joining us throughout the morning to talk about a variety of topics. we will be joined by national journal's sam baker. he's going to discuss neil first days on the bench and the religious freedom case that comes before the high court today. later you will meet a couple who has spearheaded a nationwide effort to get progressives to directly engage with legislators in an effort to push back against president trump's agenda. the cofounders of the effort known as indivisible will join us later in the program. washington journal continues after this. ♪
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